Standard of Liberty is a Christ-based foundation
which exists to raise awareness of cultural and institutional licentiousness overrunning America
and to provide motivation to restore God's essential sexual boundaries
thereby protecting the young,
preserving true marriage and family, ensuring religious freedom, and preserving civilized society.
Please note: We value all people as precious children of God. Our view of sex and sexuality is based on timeless true principles.
We promote hope and help in preventing, rooting out, and repairing wayward sexuality. Read our open letter and The Only Good Choice.

The Standard ofLibertyVoice

The Standard of Liberty Voice is a short, lively, running editorial written by Stephen & Janice Graham addressing issues important to preserving freedom and family. Feel free to forward or copy and distribute any of these columns in their entireity.

Other articles may be found on our SoL Blog.

#1 Crying Foul
- debunking the word "homophobic"
#2 Science Fiction, Our New Reality - forced to defend marriage and family
#4 Light Lunch, Heavy Topic - meeting family defender Richard Wilkins
#5 Close Your Eyes, I'm Coming Through - the focus on Internet filters
#7 Scared Speechless? - the dangerous manipulation of language
#8 Tell It Like It Is - we must stop enabling porn addiction
#9 Super Numbers
- watch out for padded statistics
#10 Back to School - but who's minding the children?
#11 The Anthony Syndrome - when parents give in to their child's homosexuality
#12 Go Directly to Jail - a new bill would make criminals of Christians
#13 Johnny One Note? - why the SLF harps on homosexuality
#14 Gay Clubs in High Schools - one senior’s unpopular point of view
#15 Of Vice and Men - It sneaks up on us quietly like a mouse
#17 A Response to the Homosexual Movement within America's Churches
#18 The Proud Volunteer – optional homosexuals and the gay recruitment movement
#19 Should America Celebrate "Gay Families"?
#20 Propaganda, Freedom, and the Heterogeneous Family
#21 Somewhere Over the Rainbow – that’s where you’ll find the whole truth about “gayness”
#22 An Ocean of Truth – Our trip to L.A. for a Regional World Congress of Families
#23 Fresh Error, Fresh Sin – The Marriage Protection Amendment and Gay Pride in Salt Lake City
#24 Arming Prince Charming
#25 The Problem with LDS Pro-Gay Theology
#26 The Only Good Choice – What parents should do when confronted with youth homosexuality
#27 Tear Down This Wall – Claiming our right to religious freedom
#28 Have You Been Conditioned? - Take our quiz
#29 Where Are They? – Why we aren't hearing from those who have changed from homosexuality
#30 Christmas Message 2006
#31 Cause to Mourn, Cause to Rejoice
#32 You Know, For Kids
#33 The New Homosexuality – A Fabrication with a Diabolical End
#34 Book Review: The Abolition of Man by C.S. Lewis
#35 Book Review: Out From Under by Dawn Stefanowicz
#36 For Those Who Struggle with SSA – don’t pray harder, pray differently
#37 Who's Bullying Whom?
#38 The Wares of Knowledge
#39 My Conversation About Homosexuality With a Student Journalist
#40 Marriage Amendments and Beyond
#41 A Mother's Crusade
#42 Lawless Sexual Revolutionists Protest the Mormon Church

#43 Traditional Freedoms Threatened and Lost
#44 Hardened Hearts?
#45 Two Lists
#46 SoL's Q&A - Questions we are frequently asked
#47 Stand for the Good and Against the Evil
#48 The Grab for Children - "Queer Prom" at SLC Library Invites Adults and Children
#49 Chased by an Elephant: The Gospel Truth About Today's Stampeding Sexuality - Quiz
#50 Helena or Hell: School Administrators or Child Sex Abusers
#51 A Monumental Day: SoL’s Report on Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor Rally in Washington DC
#52 Do Ask, Do Tell: Congress Flies Gay Flag Over Our Troops
#53 Dear Brianna: A letter from one of our readers, and our response
#54 What's Happening at BYU?
#55 Book review Light In The Closet
#56 BYU Professor Invites "Gay" Students to Make Presentation at Meeting on Campus
#57 It Gets Better at BYU?
#58 Counterfeit Marriage: A Tangled Web of Deceit
#59 Flower Children? Or Followers of Christ?
#60 The Burning Question: What do LDS Homosexualists Want?
#61 What's Wrong With SSA?
#62 When Daddy Doesn't Love Mommy--the effects of "mixed-orientation marriage" on children
#63 The War On God
Is No Joke
#64 Virtue Brings Light; Indulgence Brings Fog
#65 How to Spot a False Teacher
#66 Too Many Are Silent--Book Review of Stand for the Family
#67 Bye Boy Scouts? SoL Article on BSA considering accepting "gay" scouts and leaders
#68 Chapel Doors Open to "Gay" Marriage?
#69 Even As He Is Pure -- Book Review of Encompassing Charity
#70 Planned Parenthod Video -- Letter to Alpine School District about bad maturation video
#71 The Gay Marriage Fraud
#72 Utah Gay Pride Festival and Parade 2013
#73 Is Embracing Homosexuality Christlike? June, 2013
#74 Dr. Jen Brown, Effects of Soft Core Porn on the Brain. October, 2013
#75 SoL Attends 2013 Values Voter Summit. Onward Christian Soldiers
#76 Salt Lake City Gay Prive Festival, June 2013
#77 Three Dreadful Things and The Good News: Year-End SoL Message, December 2013
#78 Longtime support group for gay Mormons shuts down - Sol Responds, January 2014
#79 Book Review: Maybe He's Not Gay, by Linda Harvey, March 2014
#80 How to Defend Against Gay Marriage, March 2014
#81 Crimes of the Common Core, book review of The Story Killers, May 2014
#82 Steinbeck's East of Eden: Between a Church and a Whorehouse, April 2015
#83 The Alarm is Sounding, by Ken Cromar, January 2016

Other articles may be found on our SoL Blog.








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