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Janice Barrett Graham

Contact: Stephen Graham, publisher Tidal Wave Books,
(801) 830-8418,

∙ award-winning journalist and freelance writer, fiction and nonfiction
∙ book author
∙ editorial director Tidal Wave Books (
∙ mother of seven ages 17-30, grandmother of 7, husband CPA, publisher
∙ three “Rs”: Reading, Writing, and Running

Let the Reason Be Love, with Merrill Osmond, Tidal Wave Books, 2003.
Giant Journaling, Tidal Wave Books, 2004.
My Darling from the Lions, Tidal Wave Books, 2005.
The Plan Revealed, with Merrill Osmond, Tidal Wave Books, 2005.
Chased by an Elephant, The Gospel Truth about Today’s Stampeding Sexuality, For LDS Families, Tidal Wave Books, 2010.
Wild Elephant, The Gospel Truth about Today’s Stampeding Sexuality, For Christian Families, Tidal Wave Books, 2010.
Me Tarzan, You Jane, (picture book), Tidal Wave Books, 2011.

Book Collections
“One Small Step for Mom," Lessons from Our Children, Joan Aho Ryan, Health Communications,1999.
“The Zoo in Room 22,” Short Short Stories for Reading Aloud, The Education Center, 2001.

Children’s Magazines
These are the original publishers. Some stories* have been resold and reprinted multiple times in other publications.

*“My Name is Graham, As in Cracker,” HIGHLIGHTS FOR CHILDREN, Jan 1996.
“The Ugliest Sandwich,” REAL KIDS, Jan/Feb 1997.
“Flash Faidley, Storm Chaser,” JACK AND JILL, Apr/May 1997.
“Put A Piano in Your Pocket,” BOYS’ QUEST, June/July 1997.
“The Pig that Lived Forever,” HIGHLIGHTS PLUS STORIES, June 1998.
*“On the Air with Little Drew Blue,” BOYS’ QUEST, Oct/Nov 1998.
*“Flick Flack Friends,” HOPSCOTCH, Oct/Nov 1998, Apr/May 2011.
*“Emily Firth Saves the Earth," POCKETS, April 1999, June 2005.
“The Butler Did It,” THE FRIEND, May 1999.
“Gabriella’s Whisper,” TURTLE, July/Aug 1999.
“The Penny Doll Duet,” HOPSCOTCH, Aug/Sept 1999.
“Old Fashioned Coat,” STORY FRIENDS, Dec. 1999.
*“Rory’s Funny Story,” HIGHLIGHTS FOR CHILDREN, March 2000.
“Claire In-Line,” THE FRIEND, June 2001.
*“Alma’s High Jump,” BOYS’ QUEST, Jun/Jul 2002.
“A Girl Called Porkchop,” SPIDER, Sept 2002.
“Zoo on Wheels,” HOPSCOTCH, Apr/May 2003.
*“The Noisiest Movie in Town,” HOPSCOTCH, Feb/Mar 2004.
“No Room for Scratchy,” BOYS’ QUEST, Oct/Nov 2004.
“Sealed with a Hug,” THE FRIEND, Apr 2005.
“The Two Years that Flew,” THE FRIEND, Feb 2010.

General Periodicals
“Late Nights and Cold Feet, A Beginning Writer’s Love Story,” Housewife Writer’s Forum, Mar.1991.
“In Defense of the Disorganized,” Housewife Writer’s Forum, Nov/Dec 1991.
“The Gold Piece,” Byline, Dec 1991.
“How to Temper the Teen’s Tempest,” Guideposts, May 1992.
“Unbutton My Peanut, Please,” Bay Area Parent, June 1992.
“Penned In? Try Writing on the Run,” Housewife Writer’s Forum, July/Aug 1992.
“Sue McGill, A Job Complete With a View,” Salt Lake City, Sept/Oct 1993.
“To Oz,” Housewife Writer’s Forum, Sept/Oct 1993.
“Walking on Air, KSL Chopper Pilot Dan Brown," Salt Lake City, Nov/Dec 1993.
“Kevin Gallagher’s Got a Twisted Tongue,” Salt Lake City, Mar/Apr 1994.
“Fish Out of Water,” Once Upon a Time, Summer 1994.
“My Discovery about Lesson Enrichment,” Ensign, June 1995.
"Real Solutions," Family Circle, Oct. 7,1997.
“Scripture Sharing,” Ensign, June 1998.
“Lost Soles,” Runner’s World, Dec 1998.
“All You Knead is Love,” Ideals, Thanksgiving 1999.
“One Old House,” Ideals, Mother’s Day, 2000.
“Parties R Us,” Welcome Home, April 2000.
“The Sunset’s Up!” Living, Spring 2000.
“Can Silent Movies Be Fun?” Living, Winter 2000.
“Moving Mountains,” Living, Spring 2002

“Fine Points,” weekly personality profile column, and feature articles, Newtah News, 1992-1994.
“Squibs and Crackers,” weekly family/humor column, The Pleasant Grove Review, 1992-1994.

Online web sites and blogs

“In Defense of the Disorganized,” Housewife Writer’s Forum Essay Contest, Nov 1991, third place.
“Time to Transmogrify,” American Mothers, Inc. State Literary Comp, Feb 1992, Hon Men.
Family Circle/Basis Beauty Care Essay Contest, May 1992, Grand Prize.
Best Feature Story, Utah Press Association 1992 Better Newspaper Contest, First place.
Best Feature Column, Utah Press Association, 1992 Better Newspaper Contest, First place.
Best Feature Story, Utah Press Association, 1992 Better Newspaper Contest, Second place.
“Monkey Around the Christmas Tree,” Byline Christmas Memory Contest, 1992, Second place.
Utah Press Women Communications Contest, 1993, Top Winner.
“Montgomery Misses the Boat,” Byline Children’s Story Contest, 1993, Hon Men.
“The Bargain,” Housewife Writer’s Forum Short Story Contest, 1993, Hon Men.
Community Service Award in Literature, Pleasant Grove, Utah, Aug 1994.
“The Douglas Wars,” American Mothers, Inc., National Essay Contest, 1995, First place.
“All You Knead is Love,” American Mothers, Inc., National Essay Contest, 1996, First place.
“The Kiss,” Friends of the American Fork Library Winter Story Contest, 1997, Grand Prize..
“Wynken, Blynken and Not in Bed,” American Mothers, Inc., National Essay Contest, 1997, First Place.
“The Pig That Lived Forever,” SCBWI 1999 Magazine Merit Honor Award.
“Nourishing the Dragon,” American Mothers, Inc, 2000 National Essay Contest, Second Place.
“Luv Immortalized,” Student Contest Expressions of Love Winner, Brigham Young University, Feb. 2009.
“Secret Books: Beginning an Inventory,” Brigham Young University Student Essay Contest, 2009.

Mother’s Ink Writer’s Group, 1997-2002
Speaker at local elementary and junior high schools
Presenter 1999, 2000 Children’s Writer’s Workshop, UVSC, Orem Utah.
Instructor 1999, Community Education Class on Writing for Children’s Magazines, Utah Valley, Utah.
Judge for Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators 2001 National Magazine Merit Awards
Co-founder/writer/blogger for Standard of Liberty Foundation,, 2005-present
Member of FACT (state legislative Family Action Coalition Team), 2010-present

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