Standard of Liberty is an LDS-oriented educational foundation which exists to raise awareness of radical sexual movements
overrunning America's Christian-moral-cultural life and to inspire the public will, families, and individuals to counteract these trends.

Please note: Our view of homosexuality and the like does not include rejection or condemnation of individuals, nor is it about acceptance and praise
for unnatural and unhealthy sexual identification and behaviors. We promote hope and help in preventing, understanding, and overcoming sexual problems
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Janice Barrett Graham, Vice-President and Education Director
Standard of Liberty

Janice is an award-winning writer who has demonstrated a talent for getting the message across effectively. She worked for the Newtah News Group for several years as reporter, feature-article writer and columnist. As a freelance writer, her work has been published in many national magazines such as Highlights for Children, The Ensign, Cricket, The Friend, Hopscotch, Boy’s Quest, Guideposts, The New Era, Family Circle and Runner’s world. She has received numerous awards for her writing including First Place National Essay contest (American Mothers Inc.), Best Feature Column (Better Newspaper Contest), Best Feature Story (Better Newspaper Contest) and National Merit Award (SCBWI). She has served the community and encouraged writers through service such as Mother’s Ink Writer’s Group, 1997-2002; Speaker at local elementary and junior high school career days; Presenter 1999, 2000 Children’s Writer’s Workshop; Instructor 1999, Community Education Class on Writing for Children’s Magazines; Judge for Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators 2001 National Magazine Merit Awards.

Janice is Editorial Director of Tidal Wave Books and has authored 4 books. Let the Reason Be Love and The Plan Revealed, co-authored with Merrill Osmond, have received endorsement and acclaim for sharing the good news of God’s love in an engaging and hopeful way. Giant Journaling, her first solo work, is a fun, outside-the-lines method of keeping a personal journal, encouraging journal-keepers to explore the inner self and process life experiences not only in writing but with colors, textures, and images.

Her most recent work is My Darling from the Lions. Compelling journal entries reveal a mother’s life-changing spiritual journey paralleling her son’s stuggle with and success in overcoming pornography addiction and homosexual tendencies. The book is a testament to the power of faith, the proximate possibility of change, and the reality of experiencing inner peace, whatever the nature of our personal challenges. The book includes glowing endorsements from experts Dr. A. Dean Byrd, Dr. Victor Cline, Dr. Jeff Robinson, and movie producer/director Keith Merrill.

Janice Graham is the mother of seven children, grandmother of seven and married to Stephen Graham. She enjoys the three “Rs:” reading, writing and running.

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