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We have just compiled an amazing list of resources to help you find out the truth about the sexual-cultural revolution and what can be done about it. See it on our "Get Informed" page.

Steve Graham visited state senators at the Utah state legislature Wednesday, January 18, 2006, the third day of the 2006 session. Senator Chris Buttars and Representative Aaron Tilton are proposing amendments to existing legislation to strengthen the case against Gay Staight Alliance clubs in our schools. Steve offered whatever help we could give, including testifying, news releases, etc. Sen. Buttars said the new bill should be in committee about January 25. SLF representatives will be there. In addition to Sen. Buttars, Steve met with Sens. Greg Bell, John Valentine and Curtis Bramble, who all indicated support for Sen. Buttars' measure.

Our publishing arm, Tidal Wave Books, has several new projects in the works. On the horizon are: Captain of My Soul, a young LDS man's heart-wrenching and inspiring true story of becoming ensnared by and breaking free of internet pornography and homosexuality, endorsed by experts. Call Mrs. Washwiggles, a funny/fantasy picture book for children with great illustrations that portrays the traditional family and the continual nature of problem solving. It's Perfectly Obvious, a picture book for parents and children about teaching kids only as much as they need to know about sex, proper gender roles, and healthy, normal, wholesome attitudes about human sexuality. (This will be the antithesis of a popular 1996 book called It's Perfectly Normal which inappropriately and falsely portrays sex and sexuality for kids 10 and up.) A nonfiction book for LDS youth, parents, and leaders, Chased by an Elephant, the gospel truth about sexuality.

My Darling from the Lions (Tidal Wave Books, 2005) was recommended by eight different presenters at the Campus Education Week, held at Brigham Young University August 15-19, 2005. The book, by Janice Graham, tells the true story of a mother's spiritual journey as her son struggles with and overcomes internet pornography addiction and homosexuality. The presenters were Doug Brinley, Gary and Joy Lundberg, Rand Packer, Lyn Scoresby, JoAnn Hamilton, and Garth Hanson, James MacArthur and Terrance Olson, who all read Lions and agreed it is a riveting book full of faith and hope applicable to any problem. Janice did a book signing at the BYU bookstore. We sold 60 copies during Ed Week.

August 4-5, 2005, FAIR (Foundation for Apologetic Information & Research) held its 7th annual conference in Sandy, Utah. Two days of sequential hour-long sessions were filled with a wide range of interesting, informative and faith-promoting presentations. An ad hoc bookstore was set up to sell a wide variety of books, including My Darling from the Lions, published by Tidal Wave Books. We enjoyed the conference and think you will like what you find at their website.

The Sunstone Symposium was held in Salt Lake City, Utah, July 27-30, 2005. Sponsored by the Sunstone Education Foundation, there were more than 100 breakout sessions over the course of the 4-day event. Sunstone, founded in the '70s, exists to provide "open forums of Mormon thought and experience." Steve Graham attended three sessions presented by gay activists within the Mormon church. In the first of these anti-Church, pro-gay sessions, Steve made a thoughtful comment decrying these open efforts to advance homosexuality. When he attempted to make a comment at a subsequent session, three people quickly moved in front of him and the session was closed when it came his turn. Read more about Mormon gay activists in Janice's columns #3, #6, and #11. We think already edgy Sunstone has finally fallen off the cliff.

Steve Graham Attended the 6th World Family Policy Forum July 11-13, 2005 at Brigham Young University. Sponsored by the World Family Policy Center, the forum was attended by more than 150 people from around the world, including U.N. ambassadors. Topics included defending conjugal marriage and the natural family, protecting children, parents' rights, counteracting sexual and pornography agendas, and United Nations involvement in these issues. The talks were inspiring, and the reference materials highly informative. People around the world are fighting with all their might to preserve families and their rights. We encourage you to learn more and support the Center. Read Janice's reaction to this event in her column #4 Light Lunch, Heavy Topic.


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