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Writing and Posting Book Reviews Online.

A few well-written reviews can affect sales, so if you're interested in sharing your opinion about a book, pro or con, then go ahead and write a review.

There are a couple of ways to review a book online. One is to find a website, like this one, which accepts book reviews, and submit it. If you have a review you'd like us to consider, just go to the Contact Us page and send an email containing your review. We'll take it from there.

Another way to post a book review online is at an online bookstore. Many online bookstores allow for the posting of book reviews written by anyone wishing to do so. They generally make it simple to do.

So, how do you write and post a book review on an online bookstore? It's easy. Let's use as an example. On Amazon's home page, at the top, there is a search box. Type in the name of the book you wish to review, such as My Darling from the Lions, and click on "go." You will be taken to a page where you will see the results of your search. If you find your book listed, you can click on it to look at details on the book.When you arrive at the book's page, you will find, a little way down, a section about reviews. You will be offered the opportunity to write a review. Click on it, write your review, and submit it. It's that simple. Want to see what it looks like? Just click here to be taken to a web page where some examples of reviews are found.

It is much the same on most online bookstores, such as Barnes and Noble, and Deseret Book. So, if you want to plug, or pan, a book, do it on as many bookstores as you wish. A good idea is to write your review on your word processor and save it for future use. Once it is written, copy it and paste it into the appropriate place in the bookstore's website.

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